[Oberon] Oberon V4 availability (was: Project Oberon 2013 on GitHub?)

Chris Burrows chris at cfbsoftware.com
Tue Apr 22 15:32:23 CEST 2014

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> > While I am not aware of any port of Oberon V4 to (one of the many
> > variants of processors designed by) ARM, Oberon V4 is available on
> > many other architectures apart from x86. These include the Amiga,
> > Atari, DecStation, HP700, 68000 Mac, PowerMac, IBM RS6000, Silicon
> > Graphics (SGI), Sun Sparc etc). All of these can be downloaded from the ETH
> Oberon V4 ftp site:
> Those hardware and software stacks are long dead.  I would say that only
> Windows/Linux version are relevant 

Nah! Relevance depends on who you are talking to. I have noticed an ever-increasing interest in 'retrocomputing' since I first became involved several years ago. Unfortunately, I haven't yet had time to try Oberon on my Amiga and Atari systems. Good hardware and software takes a long while to die - only last month I managed to resurrect a 1985 68000-based 1985 Modula-2 compiler onto a Sage IV system from a hard drive image that had been posted on the net. However, I must admit the MFM hard drive is showing signs of croaking ... ;-)


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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