[Oberon] SizeOf: Screen, TextFrame, Font.

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sun May 4 06:50:51 CEST 2014

As you can see this is written also for rPi ETHO [potential] users.
Sorry boys: life is to short to compose individual messages.
Do I remember correctly that A2 had a <magnify partial screen> facility?
If "A" is 7 pixel wide does this mean that a higher-resolution display
shows smaller chars?
It's a problem to set the font-size, applicationFrame-size.
And then there's X and VT modes.

wily: a remarkable utility [based on ETHOberon] which allows you to access
multiple TextFiles on the same screen, gave me problems on both PC & rPi.
Some text-line-parts displayed blank.
And I couldn't get a reply to my cries-for-help.
In both cases the solution was simple: klik wily's <full Screen> button.
What's the THEORY behind this?
========== put after main questions.
Now that we've got a basic-ETHOberon for rPi, let's extend & refine it.
For those who don't want to be limited to using pre-served applications:
[rPi was intended to be educational; not just another dumb-consumer product]
what's the formal relationship between sizes of Screen, TextFrame, Font.

OK, under ETHOberon the font is constructed/edited: yes you can edit any
of ETHO's fonts, so that "A" displays a bird, or char(N) displays a BIG

But, playing with the font editor, is not our first priority.
I'm going to just copy some code from more mature versions of ETHO,
to get: Load & Store TexFiles in *nix format, and perhaps FAT too.
We need to be able to Read/Write Linux files with ALO.

The version of ALO that I'm using is alo_140423.tgz     842'034 Bytes
My log shows:
 curl -O \
  which version I'm also using.

I needed to install <xhost> to execute `xhost +`, before ./alo to install/run.
We are not yet clear what that's about.
Personally, I'd prefer a FrameBuffer, rather than X version, of ALO;
as indeed Peter Matthias has made for x86:LinuxNativeOberon.
But we need extra collaborators.

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