[Oberon] Project Oberon: What are nexts steps?

Andreas Baumann abaumann at webware-experts.de
Mon May 5 14:04:21 CEST 2014

I also absolute agree like marcus.
One important but not easy to solve problem is to follow to goals at ones (related to the presentation of information).

First goal:
I think it is very important to setup a focused approach related to a FPGA Oberon system project.
> - an easy to get and ready to use “Oberon Starter Kit” (FPGA System and Emulation-System)
Second goal:
On the other hand it would be very important to build a ecosystem around the language oberon and related software and products available today like the boards supported by CFB Software.

> - a “Project Oberon Manifesto”: Goals, principles, values, ...
==> it would be good to discuss the goal of the “Oberon Starter Kit” or the thing which could be build or developed with the “Oberon Starter Kit”

There different option and directions. 

One direction is a more retro oriented direction
> Yes, that would be nice, a new "Ceres System".
> Look here, some other examples
> - http://www.harbaum.org/till/mist/index.shtml.
> - http://www.experiment-s.de/de/
> - http://acp.atari.org/
> - http://danstrother.com/fpga-nes/
> - http://fpga64.blogspot.de/
> - http://www.fpgaarcade.com/

Another direction could be a solution based on a new FPGA board with one main additional component - an ethernet interface
With this addition Dougs proposal could be implemented.

> How about this.
> Can the FPGA-Oberon be made into a "server"?
> If so AND if it is cheaper AND faster AND more reliable
> AND easier to program than current servers then you
> will have a huge market.
> -Doug

From my point of view this direction could also create a new future for oberon. 
We could build cool „internet of things“  staff !

I know this will increase the complexity but on the other side a ethernet interface is the modern alternative of the rs232 interface.

In this scenario we could have to boards.

One Oberon base board which include the components to run the current oberon system ( rs232, vga, ..) as a IDE and a compact board like http://numato.com/waxwing-spartan-6-mini-module

The price could be a problem. But the price is also related to the count of the produced “Oberon Starter Kits”.

Another solution could be to only use a compact board with a ethernet interface and the user interface is implemented using HTML5.
On the FPGA Oberon board running oberon services which communicate over http / web sockets.

I know the ethernet / TCP / IP / HTTP / Web socket stack will add a high complexity but with these architecture we can also build very interesting solutions. Some of them could be also interesting for commercial directions. 
Commercial perspectives could be very useful to find sponsoring partners !

For me oberon as a language is a more secure alternative a the language C.

Best regards


Am 04.05.2014 um 10:13 schrieb volkert at nivoba.de:

> My addition: For me the top issue is how to get more attention and a larger community?
> Here are my ideas:
> - a “Project Oberon Manifesto”: Goals, principles, values, ...
> - an easy to get and ready to use “Oberon Starter Kit” (FPGA System and Emulation-System)
> - some essiantial howto's, beginner tutorials
> - an “Oberon lesson plan” to help studing the “System Oberon System”
> - some nice showcases (community projects, nice pictures, ...)
> - documentation (all the NW Books are perfect here)
> - some kind of “Project Oberon Board” to create a vision, make decisions about future directions (f.e. move to a new fpga-board, target plattforms, usb-support, color support, ...)
> - a product backlog and roadmap for the next 3-5 years 
> - a bounty scheme to sponsor fixes and future developments
> - open and transparent development
> - one stop shop for “Project Oberon” (news, blogs, download, development, community, )
> - …
> Stupid ideas?
> BW,
> Volkert
> Am 03.05.2014 10:51, schrieb volkert at nivoba.de:
>> Dear all,
>> what are the top issues needs to be addressed to breath more life into 
>> "project oberon" to
>> save its future development?
>> BW,
>> Volkert
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