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Tue May 6 11:07:16 CEST 2014


It's rational, efficient and good that ALO is built on the work done for LNO.
But let's not forget that LNO has problems with different hardware.
I've been using the FrameBased version, because I couldn't get X-based working.
The old 90's version did work on my hardware then.
And FrameBased frees you from the X11 monster.
Also, I can't install and run by just following the documentation.
IOW "I found a way to work, but, I don't know what I'm doing"!!

ALO works nicely on current rPi. I can't see any difference between
Versions: 140418 & 140423; and have one of each running.

The very important question: "what is ETHO good for?" seems not to
have been documented.

It's for solving diverse IT problems, where you need to have multiple
'documents' visible at the same time, to mentally relate various parts
of the multiple documents, or even discussed.

Real life is that any non-trivial project will entail, emails, USEnet
articles, testLogs, Manuals ...etc., which are all related.

So LNO & ALO *MUST* be able to easily access AosFS, *nix, FAT documents
anywhere in the Directory-space.  LEO does this superbly.

When I get your <MountOFS> I'll test that it can do what seems sufficient for
the facilities offered by LNO: Scripts in *nix to:-
1. IF ALO not running THEN write to a file in ALO's directory
   <MountOFS 'this' dir> ;
   so that ALO can easily access all files in this dir,
   and start ALO.
2. Append the path-to-the-current-dir to the file in ALO's directory.

So Linux & ALO can both write to the ProjectFile, which might look like:

Project Suitable-NameA
 <ALO command to mount L1 to Dir1>
Project Suitable-NameB
 <ALO command to mount L2 to Dir2>
 <ALO command to mount L3 to Dir3>
 <ALO command to mount L4 to Dir4>

So then, if after a few days, you come back to work on Project Suitable-NameB,
 you've got the single-klux-ability to remount all the directories, which
  you've already spent time navigating.
  And you can even write a mnemonic NAME next to each entry ...and in colorS!

ETHO is about minimizing effort wasted on trivial clerical tasks.


== Chris Glur.

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