[Oberon] Proof of Concept, ARM Linux Oberon

Peter Matthias PeterMatthias at web.de
Tue May 6 18:56:22 CEST 2014

Am 06.05.2014 11:07, schrieb eas lab:

> It's rational, efficient and good that ALO is built on the work done for LNO.
> But let's not forget that LNO has problems with different hardware.
> I've been using the FrameBased version, because I couldn't get X-based working.
> The old 90's version did work on my hardware then.

Console Frambuffer based version was my favoured version that time. 
X-based version had millions of bugs. Not much code is the same any more.

> And FrameBased frees you from the X11 monster.

A monster of the 90'th is not a monster any more. At least it is stable 
and well documented.

> Also, I can't install and run by just following the documentation.
> IOW "I found a way to work, but, I don't know what I'm doing"!!

I suppose the problem was a rights issue. Can you open other programs 

> ALO works nicely on current rPi. I can't see any difference between
> Versions: 140418 & 140423; and have one of each running.

IIRC HALT(12) to HALT(255) is supported in 140423. I added a changelog 
for newer versions.

> So LNO & ALO *MUST* be able to easily access AosFS, *nix, FAT documents
> anywhere in the Directory-space.  LEO does this superbly.

Everyone is free to implement that feature.;-) AosFS and NativeFS disks 
would be easy to implement. However, I don't necessarily want them on my 

Next version will take some time. I have got full Gadgets running (No 
Network). However, graphics has to be made to work generally and the 
text to make the distribution has to be written and tested.


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