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Am 10.05.2014 um 17:59 schrieb volkert at nivoba.de:

> Dear all,
> I am starting to collect some ideas for the "Manifesto". Need some help.
> Here my questions for you:
> 1) What does „In Spirit Of Oberon" mean for you?

Not the amount of features and supported concepts are critical, more important is the right choice of concepts.
Oberon shows that you can develop software in a flexible way with a relative small set of language constructs.

> 2) What are the essential characteristics of „Oberon" (PL, OS) for you?

With Oberon you can develop complex software systems using the Module concept.
On the other site Oberon could be used to implement hardware related as tasks.
Oberon is an interesting system programming language which delivers very good bare metal programming opportunities !!!

> 3) Why is „Oberon" important for you?

Oberon is for me the right choice for a system programming language which could be used in bare metal programming related projects (private projects ==> robotic and hopefully also in the business field  ==> sensor based realtime monitoring of industrial production processes + internet ).
Programming in Oberon makes a lot of fun :)



> BW,
> Volkert
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