[Oberon] Proof of Concept, ARM Linux Oberon

Peter Matthias PeterMatthias at web.de
Sun May 11 16:11:19 CEST 2014

Am 10.05.2014 19:59, schrieb eas lab:
> ]Everyone is free to implement that feature.;-) AosFS and NativeFS disks
> ]would be easy to implement. However, I don't necessarily want them on my
> ]ARM.
> Isn't AosFS the same as NativeFS -- that you've already got?

AFAIK NatFS used 512 Bytes clock size while AosFS uses 2K. SharkOberon 
is not the klatest version of Native. Lots was changed with files and 
disk modules...

> DOS & *nix are already in several of Native:Editors else should be easy to
> add to ALO's existing facilities.

Should be implemented in current version.

> "on my ARM" sounds as if its a toy.

My ARM or ALO? ALO, of course is a toy for me.

> I'm talking about rPi being a substitute for an X86-PC, where you'd want
> to handle complex tasks.

I am using my ARM as a real PC including web server...

  rPi is ALREADY *nix, so if ALO can't handle that,
> it's isolated. And adding DOS is easy and will often be needed.

FAT can be mounted on Linux. and for the other disks: copy the files to 
Linux. I hate all the propriatary formats that Oberon uses... (Text, 
Fonts, Pictures, Window systems,

> Currently the biggest problem is to get a smaller ALO frame, without getting
> smaller characters.

Window size can be changed by oberon.cfg ( check Getconfig output in 
oberon.log) or by changing 2 constants in ALO.DisplayX11.Mod and compiling.

That's also why I wanted to understand how the FrameBuffer
> version is implemented. And also because that's what Native and OP2013 do.

Source of Frambuffer version in LNO is available. For Font size: 
renaming the font files should work.


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