[Oberon] Proof of Concept, ARM Linux Oberon

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Tue May 13 20:45:10 CEST 2014

||> Isn't AosFS the same as NativeFS -- that you've already got?
|AFAIK NatFS used 512 Bytes clock size while AosFS uses 2K. SharkOberon
|is not the klatest version of Native. Lots was changed with files and
|disk modules...
|> DOS & *nix are already in several of Native:Editors else should be easy to
|> add to ALO's existing facilities.
|Should be implemented in current version.

Do that mean you think it is already there? Where? Either DOS or unix is good.
It was easy enough to search the ALO-dir for "Ascii", which would even
locate an exported M.P in any *.Obj, and I only found PROCs with args;
ie. not M.P format. See ALO log pasted below.

!! Here's something interesting:
 when I test ALO, I write my results log in different colors & fonts.
Then I wanted to confirm that ALO saves the same file format: which can be
read by LEO [or LNO].    It looks beautiful, under LEO.
Now I'm writing this in linux, to paste to my crappy gmail.
But I want to paste some of the ALO log too, which is in <ETHO> format.
With LEO I can paste the ALO-created file-part directly HERE; by first
writing HERE's location to a file, which LEO will look at to know where to
paste to [ie. to edit in Linux Format].
=> OK now I'm writing with LEO, and I can paste some of the ALO-log:--
==================== oberon.cnf <-- Sets FrameSize What sets FontSize ?
SystemTrack is 55CharWide. For W:H=1280:720
For W:H=640:360 == ALSO 55CharWide;
LEO shows same System.Log with 44.5 charsWide.
 Frame is bigger & overflows the Screen, but can be moved.
=>  /boot/conf sets the <inverse-Magnification>
 & oberon.cnf sets the portion of the screen that ALOframe takes.

System.Directory  ^    Color    System.Quit
oberon.*   oberon.cnf  <- ?  trap  TRAP 102  HALT statement  Kernel.SysHalt  PC
---- end of paste from ALO-log---

After I copied the ALO-created file over, the first thing I wanted to
see is how many chars wide the SystemTrack is in LEO.
I don't have LNO running now, but I'll check that too later.
Accepting that the default font-with is NOT constant for all chars:
ALO's log shows that SystemTrack is 55CharWide;
 and LEO's is 44.5 charsWide.

]> Currently the biggest problem is to get a smaller ALO frame, without getting
]> smaller characters.

]Window size can be changed by oberon.cfg ( check Getconfig output in
]oberon.log) or by changing 2 constants in ALO.DisplayX11.Mod and compiling.

OK. oberon.cnf  is good.
===> Here's the part of ALO-log where I investigate: ....
Linux Edit oberon.cnf: DWidth=1200  DHeight=900 <-- Good for Phillips-wide
   & oberon.log shows trace of:  DWidth, DHeight,
And about: ALO.DisplayX11.Mod , I couldn't see the relevant constants:--
        Pattern* = LONGINT;
        PatternPtr = POINTER TO RECORD
                w, h: CHAR;
                pixmap: ARRAY 8192 OF CHAR
Using linux~mc~found Texts.Mod has "Ascii"
  PROCEDURE LoadAscii* (T: Text; f: Files.File);
Texts.LoadAscii ^= Texts.LoadAscii not found = not M.P format/type.

===== end of ALO-log paste:---------
So being able to access linux files anywhere in the dir-tree, like
LNO can is the most important part missing now.

Thanks for good results so far.

== Chris Glur.

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