[Oberon] Proof of Concept, ARM Linux Oberon

Peter Matthias PeterMatthias at web.de
Wed May 14 22:40:22 CEST 2014

Am 13.05.2014 20:45, schrieb eas lab:

> |> DOS & *nix are already in several of Native:Editors else should be easy to
> |> add to ALO's existing facilities.
> |
> |Should be implemented in current version.
> Do that mean you think it is already there? Where? Either DOS or unix is good.
> It was easy enough to search the ALO-dir for "Ascii", which would even
> locate an exported M.P in any *.Obj, and I only found PROCs with args;
> ie. not M.P format. See ALO log pasted below.

Nearly complete gadgets compile and work. Some files are mising.A small 
palette issue seems to be relateted to the native version.

Current version give instructions how to get and compile nearly complete 


> !! Here's something interesting:
>   when I test ALO, I write my results log in different colors & fonts.
> Then I wanted to confirm that ALO saves the same file format: which can be
> read by LEO [or LNO].    It looks beautiful, under LEO.
> Now I'm writing this in linux, to paste to my crappy gmail.
> But I want to paste some of the ALO log too, which is in <ETHO> format.
> With LEO I can paste the ALO-created file-part directly HERE; by first
> writing HERE's location to a file, which LEO will look at to know where to
> paste to [ie. to edit in Linux Format].

Copy & Paste ASCII/UTF-8 to/from X11 is the next thing I want to implement.

> So being able to access linux files anywhere in the dir-tree, like
> LNO can is the most important part missing now.

With cutrent version you can access /foo/bar and foo/bar as long as 
Oberon file name length is not exceeded. However, System.Directory does 
not show that files.


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