[Oberon] ALO [for rPi] becoming quiet usable,

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Thu May 22 19:26:38 CEST 2014

and well past the 'proof of concept' stage.

Like a child, that extends it's capability by usage and refinement.

Version 140423
Projects tested:-
1. Modify & Compile 'Hello World ==OK
2. A major capability still missing is <Edit.Open/Store Acsii>
  currently I use *nix to convert textFiles between Linux <-> ETHO.
3. Access Files from WHOLE-Tree, by:
  navigate to required file [I use mc] & call script:
MkSlnk   <FileName>   <YourChosenName>
[mc needs 1 key-stroke for <FileName>].
This appends, to your ProjectFile:
<YourChosenName>  <FileName>

So your ProjectFile may look like:--
Project Apples =============
AppleMeds  /home/Jon/Fruit/Aples/Diseases
AppleMarket /home/Jil/Econ/FruitSales
Project Legal =============
ResJudicata  /mnt/media/Legal/SCA/2009/TLC
Project nextOne ============

So if you need the file: /home/Jil/Econ/FruitSales
you just klux: AppleMarket

This keeps the ETHO method of MenuDriven & few kliks.
Just like a *.Tool

Version 140508
Projects tested:--
Runs without need for `xhost +`

After updating Oberon.Text , [new feature] able to:OFSTools.Mount
Linux LinuxFS /home/ ~
-> System.Directory Linux:*  ==  Good !!
-> System.Directory Linux:*\d  ==  Yes !!

But I can't paste the results here, because mouseSelect does not SHOW.
Only after much messing, did I realise that it DOES select.
This could be a difficult problem to debug?!
BTW, it took me a long time to remember that you are allowed to
key in: `System.Directory  ^` if you can't paste it.

Thanks for good job by Peter Matthias.

== Chris Glur.

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