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Mon May 26 04:55:15 CEST 2014

Well, I'm snowed-under with problems, and there's layers and layers of
settings for window-widths & font-sizes etc; especially for ETHO  on top
of Linux.

So can you tell me how to set the frame [of User + System track] narrower, so
that, when I adjust <some other setting> to get bigger chars, the frame doesn't
overflow the screen.

Obviously, we want to keep the default *12.Scn.Fnt so when we move files
between our 90's N-O [now via LNO] to LEO to ALO [rPi], they look similar.

Accepting that *12.Scn.Fnt is not constant-width-font:
I get 44.5 chars with LEO & 60 with LNO, in SystenTrack,
measured by pasting multiples of: "1234567890"
These 2 automatically 'fit the frame to the screen'.
ALO doesn't.
Lately I've seen, for the first time 2 <buttons> on the extreme left of
of the menu-frame, offering facilities, which I've been unaware of,
perhaps for years. Why didn't they put them on the left, next to the
existing ones?

Thanks for any help.

== Chris Glur.

On 5/25/14, peter at easthope.ca <peter at easthope.ca> wrote:
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> Date:	Sat, 17 May 2014 08:37:18 +0400
>> Standard Oberon display has a User track on the left and a System track on
>> the right.
>> W0 is the width of the User track, DW-W0 is the width of the System
>> track.
> Thanks.  I was stuck in an inane mental block about the meaning of W0.
>> Read chapter 4.6 in
>> http://www.inf.ethz.ch/personal/wirth/ProjectOberon/PO.System.pdf
>  The next day I realized that the definition of Oberon.OpenDisplay
> is also clear about the widths.
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