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Mon May 26 06:30:13 CEST 2014

From:	eas lab <lab.eas at gmail.com>
Date:	Mon, 26 May 2014 04:55:15 +0200
> So can you tell me how to set the frame [of User + System track] narrower, ...

I referred to OpenDisplay in NO where DW is the full width of 
the screen.

> ... ETHO  on top of Linux.

That's the Oberon subsystem in UnixAos?  If so please refer to 
http://carnot.yi.org/ComputerSystems.html#OLPC .  Particularly 
the last bullet before "Requirements ..."  It explains two 
methods to open a smaller Oberon subsystem inside the Aos boundary
and then magnify the Oberon.  Legibility was improved for me.  
If someone has an automated way of magnifying, that will help 

The whole process should be the same for the Oberon subsystem 
in native A2 but I haven't tested.

I'll be revising that page soon.  If you have any suggestions, 
please reply.

> Lately I've seen, for the first time 2 <buttons> on the extreme left of
> of the menu-frame, ... 

"extreme right" isn't it?  NO has them also.  In the text 
document viewer.  

> Why didn't they put them on the left, next to the
> existing ones?

Search me.  I tend to prefer the plain old Text viewer.

Regards,                ... Peter E.

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