[Oberon] Large displays in Emulated RISC Oberon

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Sun Jun 15 12:01:04 CEST 2014

Yes, the display is absolutely central to ETHO; and it would be valuable if
you could expose some general principles re. displays, which you found/used.
Ie. long term knowledge vs. a transient demo.

I was impressed at the FrameBuffer-based version of LNO which I put on
a M$-note-book, and I was able to avoid the BLOAT of a full X1-system,
before SDs became so big & cheap.

Previously, I wrongly accused ETHZ of hiding the *Display*.Mod
Now that I've found some, I realise the code size/complexity, which must be
overwhelming for someone without knowledge of registers, adr-bus, scan rates

What is the recommended setup sequence, when you move your valuable ETHO files
to different hardware, and what's the theory behind it.
You've got the  display's attributes; possibly console font-size ;
X11 font-size; ETHO main-Frame-size; ETHO font-size....

It's like herding cats!!
I did the excerise on rPi:ALO, and don't want to be punished again, for lack
of knowing the underlying theory of a good procedure/sequence.

== Chris Glur.

On 6/14/14, Charles Perkins <chuck at kuracali.com> wrote:
> I wished to be able to use the full resolution of my laptop (1440x900) from
> within the emulated Oberon system, so I have created patches for Peter de
> Wachter's oberon-risc-emu program which will (after patches are applied)
> create a new frame buffer in higher memory.
> Smaller screens still work the way they did before and I think that Oberon
> looks awesome at full screen and high resolution on my MacBook Air!
> I have also modified Display.Mod and made a one-line change to Input.Mod to
> allow Oberon to use that new frame buffer when resolutions are greater than
> 1024 horizontal or 768 vertical.
> I have tested resolutions as high as 1920x1080 on an external monitor, it
> should work all the way up to 2048x2048. I have not tested on platforms
> other than the Mac.
> The changes can be found at: https://github.com/charlesap/io
> Chuck
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