[Oberon] Large displays in Emulated RISC Oberon

Peter De Wachter pdewacht at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 12:20:23 CEST 2014

On 16-06-14 01:16, Charles Perkins wrote:
> Yes, what I did is most definitely a hack but it was the least invasive
> one I could think of. I essentially turned a 1MB system into a 1.5 MB system.
> I hope to turn it (at least the emulated version) into a 4GB system and I'm sure
> some more things will break. But that's one reason I like the RISCV5 Oberon --
> There's not much to it so it shouldn't be hard to fix whatever breaks!

I haven't looked at your patches in detail yet, but extending the 
"address bus" in the emulator to 32-bit is pretty easy (and I've pushed 
that change this morning). This moves the I/O registers and the boot 
loader "out of the way". As the Oberon software is actually agnostic 
about the size of the address space, it doesn't cause any compatibility 
problems. I/O registers are always addressed using small negative 
integers and therefore fall naturally at the end of the address space, 
and the other memory parameters (stack, heap) are set by the bootloader 
(the only exception is the address of the framebuffer).

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