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> And for those who think that's a joke, I suggest the following challenge:

I can never resist a challenge (and an opportunity for shameless

> 0. Select a 32-bit microcontroller/SoC (many can now be had for less than
> price of a pint of beer).
> 1. Select an evaluation board (many can now be had for less than the price
> a session of beer).

ARM mbed / NXP LPC1768:


(You either go to a more expensive pub, or drink a lot more than I do)

> 2. Download all required tools and documentation.

Astrobe for Cortex-M3 Starter Edition:


Then follow the instructions here:


> 3. Build and run a program to make an LED flash on the board.

Then, from the Astrobe menu:

a) File > Open > D:\AstrobeM3-v5.1\Examples\LPC1769\mbed\Blinker.mod

b) Project > Build

c) Run > Upload USB drive

> 4. Explain what every single byte of code and data does.

Astrobe > Help > Contents and Index > Getting Started > Quick Start Guide -
LPC1769 Microcontrollers

> 5. Explain why it took so long.

I just timed myself (not including the time taken to order the hardware /
software) and it took under ** ten minutes ** from beginning to end - though
I must admit I have had a bit of practice ;-) 

However, a recent 'newbie' reported a similar painless experience:



Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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