[Oberon] [Fwd: Re: question: project oberon on Spartan 3E Starter Board?]

Frans-Pieter Vonck fp at vonck.nl
Tue Oct 7 14:24:33 CEST 2014

Hi Paul,

my apologies for spamming you at your personal e-mail address.

You ask me why I want oberon on a fpga, as they are far more complex than
the arm processors. What can I say, from your website it just looked easy.
At least a lot less complex than the datasheet of the cortex.

I hoped that the RISC5 core was easily transfered to other fpga's but that
seems not the case however.


Hi Frans-Pieter,

Thank you for your enquiry:

> can you tell me if i can run project oberon on this board?
> http://www.digilentinc.com/Products/Detail.cfm?NavTop=2&NavSub=423&Prod=S3EBOARD
> It is a 500K gate type with a lot of peripherals.

I know - I have one! ;-)

I've discussed this kind of thing at length on the Oberon Mailing List, so
I would suggest reading the archives.

But the short answer is, not without a lot of work.

What do you want to do, anyway?

The configurability of FPGAs is incredibly useful, but for a relatively
narrow range of applications.  They lose on power, tool complexity, and
cost, compared with, say, ARM.

If you don't mind I would encourage you to direct such questions to the
list, where they can be of more benefit to others, rather than emailing me
directly.  Please re-post this conversation if you do not have any


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