[Oberon] Two complete Spartan-6 systems

Bill Buzzell captbill279 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 13:32:48 CEST 2014

> Wojtek,

>The Pipistrello features a more powerful FPGA, which is probably a good
>idea for serious use. On the other hand, the Papilio fora seem more
>active. There are good FPGA projects for the Papilio in their download
>area. In either case one can connect PMODs and wings to the board.

Actually, look at the pin header arrangement. The Pipistrello and the
Papilio have the same header design. They are stackable. It appears there
is an amicable relationship between the two projects (there is a
Pipistrello subforum on the Papilio forum)

It looks like the Pipistrello has some powerful RAM onboard. Sure would be
nice to be able to pair them up. Seems a logical choice for a development

If fact, it's the Papilio DUO, that is coming out in December, that looks
VERY interesting. They have taken the Arduino IDE and turned it into a type
of "VHDL scripting language" IDE ! So conceivably, one would load Project
Oberon onto the Pipistrello and use the VHDL IDE to populate the Papilio
DUO. This might be the ideal solution for driving graphics. In fact, this
looks like the community that we will see a good "FPGA GPU" come from.

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