[Oberon] Two complete Spartan-6 systems

skulski at pas.rochester.edu skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Thu Oct 16 06:06:33 CEST 2014


  I found another complete Spartan-6 system. So there are at least two
such boards. The Papilio Pro from Gadget Factory for $88, and
Pipistrello from Saanlima Electronics for $155. The discussion fora are
provided by both companies.

The Pipistrello features a more powerful FPGA, which is probably a good
idea for serious use. On the other hand, the Papilio fora seem more
active. There are good FPGA projects for the Papilio in their download
area. In either case one can connect PMODs and wings to the board.

Pipistrello, being more powerful, can run Linux (ough). Which is not a bad
thing if one wants to try the Vishap Oberon compiler. (The following web
page is down at the moment, but it worked yesterday.)

Hope it helps,

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