[Oberon] Oberon System on the ?

Josef Sedlacek sedlacek at swissonline.ch
Mon Nov 3 10:23:19 CET 2014

Dear Wojtek

We developed a board with an FPGA which runs with AOS (Active Oberon). 
It’s called the ‘A2 Swiss Industrial Controller’. The board we have 
designed features a galvanic separation and includes several connections 
such as DVI, USB, Ethernet, PS/2, RS-232,…. Furthermore, the GUI can be 
controlled via a touch screen or the mouse/keyboard. Everything is done 
in Oberon and using only the FPGA containing a nouvelle A2CPU.

Right now we are finishing a few minor details, but the board is out in 
the field for testing and the plan is that it will be on the market 
starting next year.

We are also currently discussing the development of a smaller sized 
board which could be ready roughly next spring/summer.

Have a nice day,
Josef & Jan Sedlacek
Company:  Radiar, Dr. J. Sedlacek, CH-7554 Sent
Tel: +41 (81) 860 06 60
Fax: +41 (81) 860 06 62

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