[Oberon] Oberon System on the ?

Douglas G. Danforth danforth at greenwoodfarm.com
Tue Nov 4 05:15:27 CET 2014

Doug Danforth

On 11/3/2014 1:23 AM, Josef Sedlacek wrote:
> Dear Wojtek
> We developed a board with an FPGA which runs with AOS (Active Oberon).
> It’s called the ‘A2 Swiss Industrial Controller’. The board we have
> designed features a galvanic separation and includes several connections
> such as DVI, USB, Ethernet, PS/2, RS-232,…. Furthermore, the GUI can be
> controlled via a touch screen or the mouse/keyboard. Everything is done
> in Oberon and using only the FPGA containing a nouvelle A2CPU.
> Right now we are finishing a few minor details, but the board is out in
> the field for testing and the plan is that it will be on the market
> starting next year.
> We are also currently discussing the development of a smaller sized
> board which could be ready roughly next spring/summer.
> Have a nice day,
> Josef & Jan Sedlacek

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