[Oberon] Gr on Linux?

Frans-Pieter Vonck fp at vonck.nl
Sat Nov 29 23:35:21 CET 2014

Hi Wojtek and Fyodor,

I'm testing Blackbox for Linux.
Fyodor's Info21 is running fine!

Now I would like to use BB to put some data in a graph.
Do you have tested Gr already on Linux?

I saw that the comm subsystem is ported to linux.
The idea is to use an arduino as a datalogger and BB for presenting a
graph on a desktop.

Frans-Pieter Vonck

With Mike Spivey's Oxford Oberon you can open a serial port like this:

f := Files.Open('/dev/ttyACM0','w');
Files.WriteString(f, "hello");

> Fyodor:
>> Could you give me a hint at what this FPGA Oberon
>> has in it for experimental physics, if anything?
> Oberon System can become a light-weight embedded board controller for
setting up various details of the board operation. Basically, a
> microcontroller. The particular GUI is less important in this instance.
> is ok for this purpose.
>> I may add that I've been looking into your Gr
>> in regard of a thing my experimental colleagues asked me to help them
> Gr is still being used here in Rochester.
> How are things going at your end?
> Regards,
> Wojtek
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