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Hi Wojtek
Indeed mine do the same; I ported the code to "Plugin ETHOberon on Windows",
"LinzOberon on Windows" and "LinuxAOS on Mac". They are cross-compilers as
all run on Intel CPUs, but emit code for RISC.

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Oberon-2013 syntax is meant for the Oberon-2013 compiler provided on the
NW page. This compiler can be run under any Oberon System V4, and
presumably also under S3. Dave Hunter from SkuTek Instrumentation ported
this compiler to Linz V4. As far as I know he is using it to emit RISC5
binaries under Windows. These binaries cannot run under the regular
Windows V4 because they are meant for RISC5. In other words, the
Oberon-2013 compiler under Windows V4 is a cross-compiler. The * mark is
understood by this cross compiler.

Hope it helps,


> The sources on Prof Wirth's page are the latest that I know of and use.
> The boot loading process and the * MODULE mark are described in Chapter 14
> 'Building and maintenance tools' in the pdf file 'PO.Applications'. Not
> all the tools are included - presumably their exact nature would depend on
> what system you are using for cross-development.
> Fortunately it is not necessary to go through this process to get up and
> running. The quickest way to get started is to use the SDHC Card disk
> image that Paul Reed created. You can download it from his website:
> The 'Instructions' link gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get
> started.
> Regards,
> Chris Burrows
> CFB Software

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