[Oberon] Project Oberon Compiler and General Basic

Bill Buzzell captbill279 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 18:52:34 CET 2014


I figured out the scrolling. Man, how did I miss that scroll bar on the
left? Embarrassing.

Here is the "Hello World" .Mod:

         IMPORT Oberon, Texts;
  VAR W: Texts.Writer;

    Texts.WriteString(W, "Hello World!");
    Texts.Append(Oberon.Log, W.buf);
  END World;

END Hello.

I am able to compile this minimal .mod :

END Test;

I am using the FPGA "Project Oberon" which uses the NRF2401 module/board.
Perhaps the pinouts are slightly different for this version I have which is
a generic which has no listed pinout design.

I am the proud owner of TWO of these Pipistrello FPGA's now. I had a power
issue with the mouse and Magnus sent me one of his new designs while
troubleshooting the issue. Turned out to be simply not enough amps to the
5v USB cable.

I decided to keep the second unit to use to run the OpenLogic Sniffer logic
analyzer which Magnus has set up for the Pipistrello. It turns out
that this logic analyzer is a great bargain. Much more powerful than the
typical USB logic analyzers available. It will capture at 200mhz with a
large buffer comparable to a professional logic analyzer costing thousands
of dollars. It looks to be in a class all it's own. Definitely worth a


Magnus has done a great job with getting Project Oberon going on this
powerful Spartan 6 LX45 based FPGA. The boot time for Oberon, once flashed,
is instantaneous. Zero boot time. I assumed there would always be a few
seconds of boot time with an FPGA. Nice.

I hope to troubleshoot this network issue an put the Logic Sniffer through
it's paces.

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