[Oberon] FPGA - Save / Restore OBERON.FS

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ProjectOberon is meant to teach how a RISC CPU works, how to write a
compiler for this CPU and what is needed for a basic operating system (file
system, memory allocation, keyboard driver, mouse driver, display diver,
fonts, module loading, background jobs as simple concept of multitasking).
Even a text editor is part of ProjectOberon.
And this OS including the applications should fit in only 1 MB of RAM!
For reasons of simplicity the design of the Oberon file system used in
ProjectOberon is rather simple. It was not the intention to re-code FAT nor
NTFS as part of ProjectOberon.
Most probably the code for one of those file systems alone would eat up a
large amount of the memory :-)
If we used those files systems, we would also need additional code for the
partition table (MBR or GPT). This is all doable but not part of
ProjectOberon right out-of-the-box. 

A2/Bluebottle is a totally different kind of beast (although it's fully
written in Oberon) as it's more a kind of full blown OS (USB support,
Ethernet and IP support, multitasking... obviously needing much more memory)
The ProjectOberon emulator on Mac does not have the mentioned limits as it
uses the native MacOS to store files.


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>There will be an enhanced Oberon file system in Experimental Oberon
offering, amongst other things, larger file sizes.

Fantastic. Will it be possible to use entire multi-gigabit SD cards? Will it
be possible to read these under Windows or Linux? Ideally, either of these
would see the SD like its own file system. CIFS, ext2/3, or whatever
similar. Is it possible?



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> My biggest concern about Oeron FS is its limited size.

> Wojtek

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