[Oberon] A2 on ARM - (2) - was: Oberon Digest, Vol 160, Issue 21

Treutwein Bernhard Bernhard.Treutwein at Verwaltung.Uni-Muenchen.DE
Thu Oct 5 14:07:50 CEST 2017

>I asked if the native RPi kernel was FOSS but I received no reply,

As far as I know, RPi kernel is in this repo which has the license.txt: 
I think it is FOSS. 

Speculating a bit and browsing a bit in the repository I found:
	RPI. Environment. Mod
	RPI. Processors. Mod
I do not see currently how these are imported into the kernel, most probably via
Coop.Kernel.Mod and Coop.ARM.Machine.Mod

> I am sure he is busy.

I guess also. Most probably he is busy with System Construction 2017 and 
the other lectures, see https://www.inf.ethz.ch/people/person-detail.html?persid=132674

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