[Oberon] Emulating an RS-232 line with the Oberon emulator

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 24 20:08:25 CEST 2017

Does anyone know how one can link TWO emulated Oberon instances? The idea would be to start two Oberon instances with the Oberon emulator on a host system (e.g., Mac, Linux, Windows) and then “link” them with a mechanism that e.g. behaves like an RS-232 line:

"Oberon instance A”  <--->   “Link that emulates an RS-232 link”   <—-->   “Oberon instance B”

From the source code of the Oberon emulator at  www.github.com/charlesap/io I see that the two file transfer commands “pcsend.sh" and “pcreceive.sh" are realized via a file interface (the files PCLink.REC and PCLink.SND are written by these two commands, and the emulator then reads from or writes to them if the program PCLink1 running inside the emulator reads from or writes to the memory addresses -56 and -52, i.e. the addresses which map the RS-232 line, see RS232.Mod).

So it *should* be possible to extend this mechanism such that the two ends are permanently “connected" together. On Mac or Linux, the pipe mechanism might be used to accomplish this.


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