[Oberon] V4 versus S3 survey

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 14:16:43 CET 2017

It's important to realise why-would-you-want-to-use Oberon ?
When you have a complex problem, that needs simultaneous inspection of
many files,
and intermediate reluslts, and especially where coloring parts of the
textFrames shows
the otherwise difficult to appreciate relationship between various
sections of the text in
the various TextFrames.
  In the 90s Oberon gave these advantages [still unsurpassed], but the
of new technology, eg, the monsterously complex USB, could have made ETHO
redundant, had ETHO not been portable enough to be allowed to ride-on-top-of

For me: V4 was the only version I could find, while I was forced to use M$pook;
and like the *nix version was some relief from the restrictions of M$, but like
the *nix version lacked the ease of directly being able to read/write anywhere
in the file tree -- which AFAIK only Linux Eth Oberon can do.
LEO also has the massively powerful ability to directly execute *nix commands
and scripts [and show the results]. So eg. the [absurd IMO] inability
to <List the
N most recently-ordered files>, needs only LEO's System.Execute to call:
  Lz /mnt/USBstik/Med/Cases/F*g/  22
to show the name and size of the ordered-by-recentcy 22 files, in directory
[don't use M$pook baby-talk and call it a folder] /mnt/USBstik/Med/Cases/F*g/

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