[Oberon] V4 versus S3 survey

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Mon Nov 20 07:41:45 CET 2017


  I want to thank everybody who responded. Those who did not, please do!

The results thus far are available through this link. I hope it works for everybody. 


My impression looking at the results is the following:

1. The community is small. Assuming that 29 persons who responded (thank you!) represent 1/2 of the community, there are under 100 Oberon users worldwide.

2. I was surprised that many of you prefer the original TUI Oberon over V4 or S3.

3. I was even more surprised to see six FPGA developers, plus seven potential developers. It is more than I know in the entire nuclear physics community, where FPGAs are critically important. Our community could serve the entire country!

4. There are three potential board developers, including myself. 

5. The market for a new more powerful board is six customers. 

So this is quite interesting. Good to know!

Thank you again!


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