[Oberon] Translating ETHOberon 2.5 to C

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 02:39:25 CET 2017

<Note sheet> format must be very <graphic>,
getting close to hardware ?
Needing access to ETHO's functions which don't exist in C.
C is just a language, not an OS.

ETHOberon is a language and an OS [driving hardware].
These O to C translators wont handle the <Note sheet rendering>.

PublicDomain wily [my most used linux utility] is based on ETHO:
mouse-chording & multiple TextFrames in multiple Tracks accessible
on the single screen. But they've just copied the CONCEPTS and not
tried to translate-Oberon-to-C

Unless your app just generates the <data> which is finally fed to some
<standard renderer>. Eg. we can use any language/system to translate
a text file to a corresponding pdf rendering of it.
But the final <note sheet> is created by the pdf renderer.

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