[Oberon] Translating ETHOberon 2.5 to C

Dieter d.gloetzel at web.de
Mon Nov 20 12:16:01 CET 2017

Just to explain the context:

You may have heard about TeX and LaTeX, the document handling and 
typesetting software, originally developed by Donald E. Knuth.

The TeX-flavor for musical notation is "MusixTeX" 

This renders the note sheets, based on a textual description. The  
utilization of MusixTeX is very much simplified, when you use a 
preprocessor called "PMX", which you find also

on the mentioned WEB Page. Now there are dozens of musical notation 
programs. And the most popular data exchange format between these is " 

I have developed a program in ETHOberon 2.5 which translates MusicXML 
code, generated by other musical notation programs, to PMX-Input. It is 
called "XML2PMX"
and is also to be found on the above WEB page.

With Oberon 2.5 I can produce a Windows-Exe for distribution. And with 
the aid of OLR, I can equally create a Linux Binary.

Now there exist many utility programs around TeX software, which may be 
written in Fortran, Lua, C, Pascal etc.

In order to provide overall portability, the TeX user group has decided, 
to use C language as the integration point.

This is, why I need a C-translation of my little program (some 4500 
lines of Oberon).

I will investigate for this purpose OBNC as well as Ofront.


Am 20.11.2017 um 02:39 schrieb eas lab:
> <Note sheet> format must be very <graphic>,
> getting close to hardware ?
> Needing access to ETHO's functions which don't exist in C.
> C is just a language, not an OS.
> ETHOberon is a language and an OS [driving hardware].
> These O to C translators wont handle the <Note sheet rendering>.
> PublicDomain wily [my most used linux utility] is based on ETHO:
> mouse-chording & multiple TextFrames in multiple Tracks accessible
> on the single screen. But they've just copied the CONCEPTS and not
> tried to translate-Oberon-to-C
> Unless your app just generates the <data> which is finally fed to some
> <standard renderer>. Eg. we can use any language/system to translate
> a text file to a corresponding pdf rendering of it.
> But the final <note sheet> is created by the pdf renderer.
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