[Oberon] Oberon system building tools (including Oberon0.Mod)

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 21 23:21:50 CET 2017

> Would you mind providing a disk image usable with oberon-risc-emu?

A disk image that works with the Oberon emulator has been uploaded to:


To use it, download this file to your emulator directory and run:

  tar xvf S3RISCinstall.tar.gz

Then just start the Oberon emulator. EO should come up in a blitz.


PS: I have not yet uploaded an Oberon disk image where the *entire*
Oberon system (i.e. module System and all its imports) is contained
as a *single* boot file in the *boot area* of the local disk (area
starting at block #2 on disk) - mainly because one would first need
to increase the size of the boot area itself to make room for the
enlarged boot file. It’s not difficult, just a little tricky. If
you want an image for THAT, it can be provided in the repository.
Alternatively, you can just follow the instructions provided at
https://github.com/andreaspirklbauer/Oberon-building-tools. Takes
only a few seconds, but requires a few additional source files.

It’s fun little exercise of what one can already do with the (still)
rather rudimentary Oberon system building tools. This must be the
absolutely fastest possible way to boot the Oberon system if it is
stored as a single binary file on disk - it really is absolutely
instantaneous (it better be, as the *entire* OS is transferred
"en bloc" from disk directly to main memory, without even invoking
the module loader; in fact, it doesn’t even require a working file
system; not even the directory root block (block #1 on disk) must
be initialized - nothing; just a single boot file, that’s it).

PS2: The next version of the building tools will include the
ability to create “partitions”. Surprisingly the whole thing can
be implemented with only a few lines of code - far cry from
other implementations that offer partition management.

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