[Oberon] Importing string constants in PO

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 19 21:40:12 CET 2018

  > Importing string constants does not work in PO.
  > Strings from same module are shown.

It’s a know issue in PO2013. When a module M exporting
a string s is imported by another module N, an object
for the imported string M.s is created in the symbol
table of N, with the string position (strx) of s
within module M (!) is stored in the field obj.val
of the generated object.

However, when during compilation of the importing
module N string M.s is referenced, a string item
will by created via ORB.MakeStringItem which copies
the string buffer from ORS.str (i.e. the strings of
the importing module N = the module currently being
compiled), but using the string position of the
*imported* module.

That’s the bug. And the reason why you are
seeing the strings from the importing module.

The fix would be to make string constants aware
of modules. Both require rewriting the compiler.

Method #1 would be to include the actual strings
in the symbol files (and not just their string
position). However, this would change the
format of the symbol file.

Method #2 would be to change the code generated
for expressions containing imported strings,
such that they reference external strings
constants via the SB of the imported module.

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