[Oberon] Importing string constants in PO

Peter Matthias PeterMatthias at web.de
Tue Feb 20 21:01:06 CET 2018

Am 19.02.2018 um 21:40 schrieb Andreas Pirklbauer:
>    > Importing string constants does not work in PO.
>  > Strings from same module are shown.
> It’s a know issue in PO2013. When a module M exporting
> a string s is imported by another module N, an object
> for the imported string M.s is created in the symbol
> table of N, with the string position (strx) of s
> within module M (!) is stored in the field obj.val
> of the generated object.
> However, when during compilation of the importing
> module N string M.s is referenced, a string item
> will by created via ORB.MakeStringItem which copies
> the string buffer from ORS.str (i.e. the strings of
> the importing module N = the module currently being
> compiled), but using the string position of the
> *imported* module.
> That’s the bug. And the reason why you are
> seeing the strings from the importing module.
> The fix would be to make string constants aware
> of modules. Both require rewriting the compiler.
> Method #1 would be to include the actual strings
> in the symbol files (and not just their string
> position). However, this would change the
> format of the symbol file.
> Method #2 would be to change the code generated
> for expressions containing imported strings,
> such that they reference external strings
> constants via the SB of the imported module.

Thanks for clarification. Although I think ORG.Mod should be updated to 
give an error when importing string constants, like I will do in my ORGx.Mod



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