[Oberon] FPGA - nRF24L01 `RPI Net' server

Hellwig Geisse hellwig.geisse at mni.thm.de
Fri Apr 27 11:47:20 CEST 2018

Hi Tomas,

On Fr, 2018-04-27 at 10:29 +0200, Tomas Kral wrote:
> Hi,
> Toying with `RPI Net server'.
> I can so far `semi-reliably' exchange single payload packets, only.
> When I try to exchange packets of multiple payloads, this is where
> things get interesting, as I have to try many times to push the whole
> packet through.

I didn't closely follow your attempts to get a reliable
connection. But your wording 'semi-reliably' reminds me
of having read in another forum (Arduino perhaps) that
in some circumstances (longer power supply wires) the
nRF24L01 needs RF decoupling capacitors in order to
function reliably. Maybe you've tried this already, but
I thought that it could be worth a try if you haven't.


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