[Oberon] Numeric CASE vs IF THEN ELSE Performance

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 9 09:21:39 CEST 2018

  > This latest (v6.4) release of Embedded Project Oberon is based on the
  > current Project Oberon and Verilog sources from Prof Wirth's site. It’s
  > available for no charge for Saanlima Electronics' Pepino LX9 (Spartan-6)
  > as well as Digilent's Arty-S7 (Spartan-7), Arty and Cmod-A7 (Artix-7)
  > development boards:
  > http://www.astrobe.com/RISC5

Is there a way to run Astrobe for FPGA RISC5 on non-Windows machines?
(I mean without running a Windows VM on another platform)


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