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> Seems like a nice way to get started. Just one quick question:
> Is it true that one simply needs to drag a .hex file (=code file)
> over to the MICROBIT USB drive and the code downloaded that way just
> starts running?
> (because if that s the case, the code generator and/or linker just
> needs to output the generated ARM Thumb-1 code in THAT format)

If, as it appears, the micro:bit uses the same scheme as the 'mbed enabled' boards then that would be true except that the file format is normally a raw BIN file not a HEX-format text file. There's some more info here:


The mbed-enabled boards are easier to flash-program than the old way of uploading a HEX file via a UART connection to a resident bootloader on the development board. E.g. when an Astrobe target is an mbed-enabled board, after it has compiled and linked the code to generate a BIN file all it has to do is save the output file directly to the drivename that is mapped to the development board. 

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