[Oberon] Wanted: Oberon Syntax in TextMate, Sublime Text or Atom Grammar

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Wed Aug 1 03:40:54 CEST 2018


The CudaText page ends with a statement " In our tests, the program worked correctly and also proved to be simple to handle on computers even with minimal hardware resources."

What is "minimal"? Can it run on Pepino with 1 meg RAM. like the ProjectOberon can?

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Take a look at CudaText. It is an awesome text editor built in Lazarus/Freepascal. Is is built around the SynEdit component, by the original developer of the SynEdit from Delphi (I do believe Alexey is the original programmer or on the original team).

What is really appealing is that we have access to the open source Lazarus project files to take it in any direction necessary. Compiler integration is quite simple even without extra coding. The possibilities with CudaText as a "front end editor/project manager/ integrator" for ProjectOberon is quite interesting. CudaText is surprisingly complete and would not require (relatively) much work to have a cross-platform, pc based ProjectOberon front end.

I already have the lexers built for Oberon, PicL, and Lola-2 mostly complete. They are in the online repo, which is a neat feature of CudaText.

Have a look:

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