[Oberon] Oberon FPGA hardware point of view

Walter Gallegos waltergallegos at vera.com.uy
Tue Aug 7 20:33:31 CEST 2018

A FPGA hardware designer point of view;

In some projects (all my projects) the CPU executes software as 
coprocessing; in parallel but outside the main data flow of hardware 
DSP; hardware is faster and more efficient than software DSP.

On this scenery, the memory map could change from one project to another 
project. So, hardware/software designers need certain degree of freedom 
to access memory mapped areas.

I propose two modifications :

1/ Add memory mapped variables

VAR [label] : [type] AT [address]
VAR [label] : ARRAY [size] OF [type] AT [address]

In this way we can declare control registers, filters coefficients, data 
areas, and so on. In my projects, typical applications are image 
processing where the data flow in hardware and the software modify 
processing parameters or in digital modulation as ISDB or DVB where 
software change modulation and calculates pre-corrector parameters 
dynamically to reduce the RF power amp output distortion.

Many others fast DSP applications use similar architectures where 
software calculates filter coefficients, manages user interactions, low 
speed communications, etc.

2/ Make program memory configurable at compiler time.

I'm using my own version of RISC-5 in VHDL, typically RISC-5 run from 
BRAMs. Example from my actual project; FPGA is XC7A35 with 50 BRAMs, 
used as 16 BRAMs for RISC-5, 27 BRAMs for hardware DSP and 7 BRAMs not 
used; but, RISC-5 could use any value from 4 to 32 BRAMs in another project.


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