[Oberon] FPGA - Oberon - Sound

Magnus Karlsson magnus at saanlima.com
Mon Oct 29 22:27:39 CET 2018

It's a bit more complicated that that. You need to have something that 
generates the analog values at the analog sample rate you want to use.

I have another project called waveplayer for the LX25 version of Pepino 
that will play wave files (like song.wav) stored on an sd-card.  The 
wave file header contains information about the wave file, like stereo 
or mono, sample size in bits and sample rate (like 44.1 kHz).  In 
hardware I have a 32-bit FIFO that holds up to 1024 analog samples (2 * 
16-bit).  The FIFO is written by the CPU as long as the FIFO has room 
for more data, until the song is done.  The FIFO is read by hardware at 
a programmable rate, i.e. there is a timer in hardware that controls the 
rate that the values in the FIFO are read and fed to the dacs.  The 
timer is programmed according to the sample rate (i.e. at 44.1 kHz the 
time between each read is 1/44100 sec).

The waveplayer project is available here: 


On 10/29/2018 2:16 PM, Tomas Kral wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Oct 2018 14:07:25 -0700
> Magnus Karlsson <magnus at saanlima.com> wrote:
>> where analog_left and analog_right are the 12-bit analog values to
>> convert.
> Thank you, perhaps `analog_left/right' can be mapped at I/O port to a
> H/W address register.
> (iowadr == 23) ? {24'b0, dataKbd} :      // -36
> ...
> (iowadr == 26) ? {8'b0, analog_left, analog_right} : 0); // -24 ????

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