[Oberon] Oberon 2 on RISC5

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 8 09:19:30 CET 2018

    > > Another reason is the desire to make the Oberon-2 compiler implement
    > > a superset of Revised Oberon (Oberon-07) - not the original Oberon
    > > language as defined in the 1988/1990.

  > So the so-called "planned Oberon-2 compiler" is, by definition,
  > *not* an Oberon-2 compiler?

Since it is derived from Oberon-07, its syntax will indeed be slightly different
from the official Oberon-2 spec. Of course, this will only add to the confusion
among users, as there is now yet another language variant to deal with.

It would be straightforward to provide a variant compliant with official spec.
But this may be seen as a step backwards by some. On the upside though,
it will allow legacy Oberon-2 programs to be compiled as is.

It’s only a question of what one wants to build..

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