[Oberon] PO2013 - Oberon mouse location

Chris Burrows chris at cfbsoftware.com
Wed Nov 21 13:32:57 CET 2018

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> > Also I'd be concerned about using a user interface which moves the
> > mouse, not very friendly and slightly creepy! :)
> One of the idiosyncrasies  of RISC OS (former Acorn product, the
> original ARM OS) is that when it requires you to make a choice in a
> dialog box, rather than just making the dialog modal (i.e. so that
> you can't click on any other items on the screen), it constrains the
> mouse pointer to the dialog. So you can only move around within the
> dialog until you choose what to do.
> Simple and effective, but startling...

Interesting ...

Another example of the system moving the mouse for you is the Windows (Additional) mouse option > Pointer Options > Snap To 

If you tick that checkbox, whenever a dialog box pops up, the mouse pointer automatically moves to the default button in the box. 

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