[Oberon] Japanese 106 type keyboard layout file

Kida Hiroya lb7h-kd at asahi-net.or.jp
Tue Dec 4 09:35:41 CET 2018

Hello, Sir.

Well, I made a CD-R from a file "A2_Rev-6498_serial-trace.iso", then 
installed to my Pentiumn-4 base PC. The A2 runs without trouble.
This PC has 3 OSes, A2, Linux(Lubutu 14.08) and OS/2(ArcaOS 5.0.3). I 
switch these OSes by the boot manager that is included the ArcaOS.


On 2018/12/03 22:37, Treutwein Bernhard wrote:
> Kidasan,
> [...]
>> A2 (Native AOS) runs on my PC now.
> did you succeed in creating an actual A2 native or are you using the latest one from 2015
> which I was able to build and which is available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/a2oberon/files/
> Sorrily all my later attempts to create a newer version failed and I don't have any idea how
> to solve these problems and never got a response from ETHZ about that.
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>    Bernhard
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