[Oberon] Oberon for Android?

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 17:35:29 CET 2019

While searching my DirTree, where most *.html fetches are normally
stored as plain-text, I noticed my file: PEfetched.
Although the original URL is not clear, this seems to be Peter Easthope's
<big Oberon wiki book>.

The few mentions of Android are of interest to me - for x86 versions.
Of the various X86 Oberon versions, LNO seems to be the most <tolerant>:
runs X11 or Framebuffer, 32bit or 64bit all with the same <binary> !

Remind me again, if olr can access eg. ET.Open /<PATH>/<FileName> ?
If not, it can't compete with LNO, which can, with some extra effort:
 by navigating the fileTree, eg. with mc, and a few keystrokes allows
 LNO to symLink to /<PATH>/<FileName>.

Android's file system is very confusing compared to unix.
The best info that I've found for <using unrooted Android mobiles>
is <KBOX>; from which I was able to <install>
  olr.mature.170213.tgz [only because LNO wasn't yet available on the
disasterously confusing Android file system].
Here are the last few commands and results:
olr$ ./oberon == can't open 'dev/fb0'
olr$ ls -l /dev/* == No such file or directory
olr$ ls -l / == shows full read,write,execute permission for
   link: dev -> /dev

Since we can't avoid the Android-WAVE I'm interested in any
progress on porting Oberon-family systems to that monster.


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