[Oberon] SystemV- Heap + Module Space

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 5 18:20:40 CET 2019

   > But then you would have to modify the interface of module Modules each
   > time the result values of the procedure changed. And all dependent
   > modules would have to be recompiled and potentially adapted—even for
   > such harmless changes as removing a value which is not needed anymore,
   > like the mysterious value 6.

One can also argue that in that case the interface *should* change and
therefore clients should be recompiled - if one strictly follows the rules
of modular programming as postulated in the early 70s.

But it can - of course - be endlessly debated, what in fact should constitute
an interface change. In the end, a pragramatic approach may be chosen, eg
merely adding yet another possible result value does not change the interface..

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