[Oberon] Oberon for Android?

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 06:41:54 CET 2019

]> ... if olr can access eg. ET.Open /<PATH>/<FileName> ?

]I can't answer about olr.  The Oberon subsystem in LinuxA2 certainly has
]access to the host filesystem.
]System.Directory  /etc/udev/* ~ gives
Well here's a real task to test LinuxA2:oberon: I want to see how/if
V4: NetNews.Mod
handles XOVER. And I've got V4 in
under M$pook:Win8.1, and also under linux at:

Let's see: System.Directory ^
/media/Tosh4Slak13/usr/local/* == ... /media/Tosh4Slak13/usr/local/bin
/media/Tosh4Slak13/usr/local/bin/* ==Fail
/media/B268042D6803EF43/Users/* == .../media/B268042D6803EF43/Users/Public
/media/B268042D6803EF43/Users/Public/* ==Fail
I'm guessing it's the <string length> ?

Via linux, putting copies to /tmp/msNN.Mod   & /tmp/nixNN.Mod
 would avoid the apparent <too long path string> problem.
Then: WTS.Tool ==Converter for Oberon V4 text files
  WTS.Convert V4.Text ~ convert Text (removes Elems)
  WTS.Convert V4.Text\s ~       convert Text (convert Elems)
  WTS.Convert V4.Text\b ~       convert and make .Bak file

WTS.Convert /tmp/nixNN.Mod\b
System.Directory  /tmp/nixNN*\d ==
 /tmp/nixNN.Mod  03.01.2019 19:51:55    1339 =Only PROC headers
 /tmp/nixNN.Mod.Bak      05.11.2004 13:47:11    21068 =not S3 format

Can LinuxA2:oberon do this task for you?

I'll discuss the Android separately.


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