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My view:
Adding more memory is not the issue, the memory's timing is the issue.
These days, the memory of the mentioned sizes are DRAMs. RISC-5 as of today uses much faster SRAM.
If you want to add more memory, you need to implement some sort of cache mechanism in RISC5Top.v to buffer/shorten the slow DRAM timings.
In addition you have to rework the Display driver because VGA display timings are given and have to be coordinated with the slower memory timings: either keep the display in SRAM or fetch a complete line from DRAM during HSYNC.

All this can be done but is effort.


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    > ... develop a particular System and it applications, and then 
    > assess how much memory is really needed to run it on real hardware.
    Obvious request: if you succeed to make a "release", with 8 or 16 MB 
    for example, would be nice to post some directions for others with 
    similar interest.
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