[Oberon] Debugging FPGA oberon via serial line?

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 27 07:05:56 CET 2019

    > For symbolic debugging, the compiler would have to write some
    > more debug symbols [...] But you would probably also need some
    > information about the stack layout (variable names and types) and
    > register contents for every code location, as well as information about 
    > module/global variables, and not-exported record types and record members.

A facility for symbolic debugging existed on Ceres-Oberon. It has not been
carried forward to FPGA Oberon (but it is only ~100-200 lines of source code).

One could for example proceed through the chain of procedure activation
records, scan the local variables, display the values of global variables etc. 

See ch. 12.9. of the 1992 or 2005 edition of the book Project Oberon.

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