[Oberon] FPGA Oberon vs Ceres - mouse wraparound

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Sun Jan 27 23:13:33 CET 2019

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> There are some little bugs as well. On our copy running on Pepino I
> noticed that the mouse cursor wraps around the screen. It disappears
> on the right and reappears on the left, or vice versa. Not sure if
> this was the case with Ceres.

My understanding is "that is not a bug, it is a feature". The behaviour is
documented in the 2005 edition of the Project Oberon book:

"SetMouseLimits permits to determine the limiting coordinate values of the
rectangle into which the mouse position is mapped and where the cursor is
drawn. The position "wraps around" in both the horizontal and vertical

P.S. I wish that every designer of on-display keyboards controlled by a TV
remote had considered this. E.g. it takes me 23 keypresses to spell out
'wojtek' without wraparound as opposed to 16 when wraparound is implemented.

Chris Burrows

CFB Software

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