[Oberon] BRAM

Walter Gallegos walter at waltergallegos.com
Sun Feb 10 12:56:29 CET 2019

Additional point,

BRAMs in Xilinx are more than a simple RAM but true dual port RAMs. That 
meas, the silicon provide two ports with simultaneous read/write access 
to same physical memory; so, you can read/write an address while 
read/write another address.

Also, ports could have different widths, can be writing in 8 bits while 
reading in 32 bits from the other port, your have a FIFO with 8 bit 
input 32 bits output for free.

For RiscCore I adopt the same solution as Microblaze, one BRAM port for 
data and the other for code; so, code and data coexist into same 
physical memory without need big multiplexers, and a peripheral have a 8 
bit digital video input but reading as 24+8 bits (RGB+mask) from 
processor side.

A powerfully block, as an old Xilinx paper say about BRAM : "be creative".


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