[Oberon] What is the status of Lola-2 and its use in the FPGAversion of Project Oberon?

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Hi Wojciech,

> In modern FPGA programming the code is
> more often expressed behaviorally [than] RTL style...

> [RTL versus behavioral] Yeah, you said this before, without backing it up and without giving a useful worked example.  I've also had other similar dogmatic opinions
from FPGA people without much edification.  

I will provide an example over the weekend. Today and tomorrow and hopefully Sunday I will be very busy. Skiing.

> And their code [if any] is, well, let's just say... amazing. :)

One can write good code and bad code in any language.

> tell the compiler "here is what I intend, go and figure it out". Most
> FPGA coding is done this way these days.

> LOL.  Good luck with that...  Vendor sales pitch, surely?  They have a vested interest in convincing you it's all too hard for meagre humans.

No pitch. Just practice. I need to get my work done without getting into any flame wars. my company lives off firmware, so we just need to do it.

If I saw advantages of Lola, I would have ordered my employees to use it. But right now I do not.

> But seriously, again, a working example would be nice showing pros and cons.

Lacking time (lifts are already running) I attached an old text of mine. It is not exactly on topic, but it will help someone perhaps anyway.

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